Elite Primer with Booster Ingredients Activated


We call it “Glue Primer” or “Glue Accelerator”. After spreading some on the bottle end of the lash (that will be attached on the human lash), 99% of it will be vaporized and only 1% Accelerating Material will remain. It increases the adhesive strength and holding power of the glue that makes the extension time shorter and lash extensions life longer. Once spreading the glue primer on the lash, the accelerating material remains 24 hours, so do not need to put the glue primer many times.

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Volume: 15ml / 0.51oz

Drop some amount of glue primer on the pallet, and attach it to the 1/2 false eyelash.

After 100% drying, proceed eyelash extension with glue.

  1. If you apply the remover on the skin itself, skin trouble or irritation would occur.
  2. If the glue primer is go into the eye directly, it would be really dangerous. So please proceed eyelash extension after 100% drying glue primer.
  3. Do not use it with other purpose.
  4. The Glue Primer can have a chemical reaction with the glue. if the glue is kept near glue primer, the glue can be hardened easily. So the Glue and Glue Primer have to be separately kept.
  5. Keep it out of reach of Children.
  6. The color of remover can be changed if you use it for other purposes.
  7. After use, please close well with cap.

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