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  • Elite Remover


    It has better safety in using remover than gel type remover due to the higher viscosity. Plus, it has lower irritation and smell, and also it is well spreadable cream type that makes the removal function better and easy to use.

  • Elite Primer with Booster Ingredients Activated


    We call it “Glue Primer” or “Glue Accelerator”. After spreading some on the bottle end of the lash (that will be attached on the human lash), 99% of it will be vaporized and only 1% Accelerating Material will remain. It increases the adhesive strength and holding power of the glue that makes the extension time shorter and lash extensions life longer. Once spreading the glue primer on the lash, the accelerating material remains 24 hours, so do not need to put the glue primer many times.

  • Cleanser & Brush (One)


    Elite Lash Foam’s luxurious formula helps to cleanse the eyelashes of pollutants like sodium, sebum, dead skin, and makeup residue. Cleansing the eyelashes on a daily basis will not only keep your eyelashes healthy, it will also lengthen the bond of the eyelash extensions, improving retention.

    • Available in bulk packs of 10, 20 and 40. The more you buy, the more you save!
    • Come with 1 bottle cleanser and 1 brush