Glue Booster/ Sealant

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SPEED UP CURING TIME: Active components speed up glue curing and drying time and enables to bond tightly between natural and false lashes. The lash adhesive cures from the inside out resulting in reduced fume.”

MAXIMUM LASTING TIME: It creates a strong bond and instantly locks in adhesive fumes and enhances the eyelash extensions wearing period, reaching the max weeks of adhesion with the fastest curing time. It is also suitable for both classic, hybrid, volume and mega volume lashes.

EASY APPLICATION: Wait 3 minutes after application, drop 2-3 drops of lash bonder on the disposable micro brush and wipe at the bases of the extension. It makes the adhesive cure quicker without causing shock polymerization, resulting in a faster lash application and treatment.

SENSITIVE CLIENTS FRIENDLY: This bonder is suitable for all clients, especially the sensitive one due to it can seal in extra fumes while apply it on where real lashes and extensions bond together. It must be included in your eyelash extension supplies and great use as a lash sealant.

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3 Most common ways that people use GLUE BOOSTER/GLUE BONDER

Option 1: Apply a small amount to the micro brush then apply it to the lash line. Wait for 3 minute and now you can start taking your lash from the lash line.

Option 2: Using it like the LASH PRIMER. Apply a small amount of BOOSTER onto client eyelashes (only at the base) and wait for 3 minutes.

Option 3: Very important, you must wait for your lash extension to dried, Do not use Nano mister to cure the extension. Just wait at lease 3 minutes before you apply and seal the JOINT. Then use eye lash fan to dry the extension. Nano mister is optional and does not recommended at all
** You must wait the extension to dried. To avoid shock polymerization on client lashes. It will show the WHITE/GRAY color